i will hold an apple to my mouth

Inspired by this line from the poem “too sweet too close” from AI Text Generations, I created some AI artwork to go along with it!

i will hold an apple to my mouth,
and the stones in its skin
will crack and sparkle

I think this generated text is fascinating because I’m a human, and I know that apples don’t have stones in their skin. But what does GPT-3 see? Can I get another LLM to tell me why this association exists? Is there a poetic ghost in the machine?


Dall-E 2

Image to Image

Dall-E 2 Image Variations smooth the edges and make the images higher fidelity, but they tend to be pretty one-dimensional in terms of artistic style and tone.

Human Imagination

In the end, I didn’t find what I was searching for. The image that comes to my mind when reading the text generation is so vastly different from anything the computer can imagine. The computer accidentally wrote poetry. I wonder how long it will be until the computer can see what we see?

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